Exhibition by photographers Dan Shepherd and Allan Gill at dnj Gallery

Alaska Trees #4 copyright by Dan Shepherd.
Alaska Trees #8 copyright by Dan Shepherd.
Griffith Park #5 copyright by Dan Shepherd.
Hummer and Hybiscus Xray copyright by Allan Gill.
Peony Trio Xray copyright by Allan Gill.
Rose Xray copyright by Allan Gill.


dnj Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibitions, “Blinded by Science: Alaska/CaliforniaCollection” by Dan Shepherd and “Xradiography” by Allan Gill. Both exhibitions feature photographs that explore the interplay between science and art. With years of training in their respective scientific disciplines, the artist both use their expert knowledge as a starting point for works that include not just scientific analysis but also very personal perspectives on the natural world.

With an M.A. in Environmental Science from Columbia University and an International Diploma in
Plant Conservation from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, Dan Shepherd uses his expert
knowledge of plants to capture their most interesting and graphic features. Shepherd develops a
layered, formal view of the environment by focusing on colors, shapes, and textures. As he
explains, he seeks to “use the power of abstraction to filter out the science details in his head” so
that he can focus on the purely visual elegance of nature and create almost portrait-like images of
trees, plants and landscapes. In this exhibition, he expands the breadth of his previous work by
photographing the characteristics of landscapes at two of his favorite botanical locations, Alaska and
California. Shepherd’s series is fundamentally about his return to seeing, rather than scientifically
analyzing, the natural world.

Shepherd currently works as both a visual artist and a conservation professional for organizations in
Los Angeles. His photographs have been exhibited in various locations throughout the country, and
have been featured in several recent publications, including “The Orion Magazine,” “The F-Stop
Magazine –Abstraction” and “Lenscratch.” This is Shepherd’s second solo exhibition at dnj Gallery.

After practicing veterinary medicine for decades, Allan Gill turned his medical X-ray equipment on
flowers and plants. His glowing images in Gallery II depict both the internal and external structures
of his subjects. As he explains, his “images are captured in much the same way as with conventional
photography, with the difference being instead of utilizing reflected light, I am able to utilize another
part of the electromagnetic spectrum….” Gill’s technique may seem simple but in fact is the result
of years of experimenting with different kinds of X-ray equipment to find the right combination of
conditions that would allow him to record the level of detail he desired.

Gill lives and works in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to establishing a growing

audience for his photography, Gill is also a veterinarian. His photographs have been exhibited in
Canada and sold in the United States and have been featured in LensWork Magazine, Focus
Magazine, American Art Collector, Color Magazine, ‘digitalis photo’ (Hungary), and Black and White
Photography (Britain). This is Gill’s first exhibition at dnj Gallery.

EXHIBITION: Dan Shepherd, “Blinded by Science: Alaska/California Collection”

Gallery II: Allan Gill, “Xradiography”

SHOW DATES: March 8 – April 26, 2014
RECEPTION: Saturday, March 8, 6 – 8 pm
GALLERY HOURS: Tues – Fri, 10 am – 5 pm; Sat, 10 am – 6 pm

dnj Gallery 2525 Michigan Avenue, suite J1, Santa Monica, CA 90404  

Website: www.dnjgallery.net

For additional information or images, please contact Pamela Schoenberg at (310) 315-3551 or

By Jim McKinniss

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