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2015 LA Art Book Fair at the MoCA

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Printed Matter’s (2015) LA Art Book Fair

This coming weekend on the Left Coast is what is becoming an annual event; Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair which will take place again at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

As I have written about the past (2014) LA Art Book Fairs taking place at MOCA, this building is a maze of rooms, small hidden rooms, medium size display areas and a huge room usually reserved for the Zine world. A ton of books, magazines, zines that are new and old (“collectibles”) that can overwhelm the senses. Fortunately the food trucks out the front doors can provide sustenance to help you endure. In past years there was a section reserved for photobooks up on the mezzanine, but guessing there will be spot somewhere.


Preview Thursday 29th January, 6-9pm
Friday January 30th, 12–7pm
Saturday January 31st, 11-7pm
Sunday February 1st, 11-6pm

Also nice about this event: FREE Admission!


Douglas Stockdale, Founding Editor

Photo LA & Classic Photographs LA last weekend

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Photo LA – 2015

Having missed Photo LA for the last two years and growing a little disappointed with the show, I was pleasantly surprised by this year’s event. It was clean, fresh, and much easier to navigate than past shows. This year I opted to take a docent tour led by Eve Schillo, Curatorial Assistant in the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department at LACMA. Schillo added more relevancy with her running commentary on many of the artists and why they are considered “worthy” of inclusion. She elaborated on the labor over time going into creating many of the pieces, such as the eight-hour exposures of Chris McCaw and the prevalence of contemporary works using alternative processes such as tintype, cyanotype, and platinum.

Docent tour of Photo LA before the crowds arrive:


Photo LA

Some of my favorites were works by Jennah Ward (cameraless cyanotypes), Jacob Gils (huge composites), Rosemary Warner(montaged prints), Susan Burnstine, Nick Brandt, Jo Whaley, Mona Kuhn, Hiromu Kira, Tadao Ando, Bart Synowiec, Bruce Davidson, Eric Holubow, David Adey (raised pinned images), and Susan Turner. It was also nice to see old favorites like Dr. Dain Tasker’s x-ray photos from the 1930s and the work of the late James Fee.

Eve Schillo discussing landscapes by Photo LA honoree Catherine Opie:


Abstracts using light as a key element by Barbara Kastin:


Copyright Barbara Kastin

Cameraless cyanotypes by Jennah Ward:


Copyright Jennah Ward

Printer Amanasalto Working with Platinum:

Also exhibiting was a Japanese company, Amanasalto, that is making platinum prints from contemporary photographers as well as masters like Imogen Cunningham. They were beautiful prints but not to be confused with originals printed by the photographer.


Copyright the estate of Imogen Cunningham, print by Amanasalto

APA LA’s Off the Clock

For the first year, 100 winning photos from the American Photographic Artist’s (APA) annual contest Off The Clock were displayed at Photo LA. If you are a photographer, this is yet another reason to consider joining APA and to participate in their many events.

Photo LA Downloadable Catalog:

For more information and to see more images from the show, download Photo LA’s 128-page catalog here.

Classic Photographs Los Angeles


Entrance, Classic Photo LA

A few years ago, a number of galleries that carry primarily “classic” (black & white) photography split from Photo LA and started their own show. This year it was again held at Bonhams auction house. It was easy to spend an afternoon there and enjoy looking at the variety of Classic and Contemporary photographs including work by: Ray K. Metzker, Val Telberg, Bruce Wrighton, George Tice, Brigitte Carnochan (hand colored selenium prints), Giacomo Brunelli, Pentti Sammallahti (and his book, Here Far Away) and Sebastiao Salgado. I have eclectic tastes and was tempted by a Muybridge and a lovely Bromoil by an unknown photographer…perhaps next year.

Alex Novack, the man behind iPhotoCentral:

Alex_Novack _Classic_Photo_LA

Several years ago I became acquainted with exhibitor Alex Novack who is the man behind iPhotoCentral, an online resource and gallery collective where buyers can search an enormous inventory of photos. It’s worth checking out whether you are a potential buyer or simply want to educate yourself on what’s available.

If you are interested in learning more about collecting, I highly recommend subscribing to Alex’s newsletter. He sends it when he can (almost monthly) and it consistently contains a wealth of information from around the world.

PhotoExchange Contributor: Nancy Albright


Three Great Photo/Art Shows In LA Next Week

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Next week is a fabulous time to make a trip to Los Angeles for anyone interested in art and photography. With three huge shows listed below, one can see the work of the hottest artists, up-and-coming artists, and tried-and-true masters. There is sure to be something to impress and inspire all working artists/photographers.

LA Art Show 2015: (Historic, Modern and Contemporary Art including Photography) at the Los Angeles Convention Center: (January 14-18) Discount tickets can be purchased through Groupon.

Photo LA: (The 24th Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition) at THE REEF/LA Mart (January 15-18) This show includes docent tours and a number of classes for photographers and collectors.

Classic Photographs LA: Galleries and dealers of classic photography at BONHAMS (January 17 & 18). See the work of masters of photography with many pieces quite reasonably priced.

Guest Contributor: Nancy Albright


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I would like to take this opportunity to personally INVITE YOU  to participate in the International Photography Contest PHOTO ANNUAL AWARDS 2015

Since I work both as a photographer, curator and publisher, I am fully aware of the importance and the greatness of your work.
My particular desire is that the Photo Annual Awards, which is held under my leadership, will achieve good quality participation.

The contest results will be exhibited – as in last 4 years – in the Wall Gallery in Teplice, near Prague.
(see last Opening Ceremony:

The exhibition time is overlapping with the beginning of the 861th Teplice Spa Season.
Since this event annually attracts the attention of more than 50,000 VISITORS, my task is to exhibit the real jewels of modern photography – like your photography.
(see – for example – last winners

For Grand Prize Winner is  $500 cash and Art Residence for one month in romantic chapell

And finally: All 2015 winner photos will be publish in photo magazine Art Photo Mag (
(list of published photographers in Art Photo Mag is here

Early Bird for contestant:
Entry fee for contest is 5 EUR per photo, but to the end of February you have special discount – only 3 EUR per photo.

Contest Deadline: April 19, 2015. Don´t forget please.
Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing your photo at our Opening Ceremony.

Link for upload of photos:

Yours sincerely

Radek Burda
Director PAA 2015 & Publisher Art Photo Mag

Elizabeth Avedon’s Best Photography Books for 2014 – Douglas Stockdale

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Copyright Douglas Stockdale 2014, self-published Pine Lake

As a book artist and photobook specialist, this is the time of year that I provide kudo’s to all of the photographers, photobook designers, photobook publishers and the book artists who use photography as a part of their creative medium. .

What came as a very pleasant surprise is when the amazing NYC book designer Elizabeth Avedon (yes, a familiar last name to those following photography over the years) selected my artist book Pine Lake as one of her Best Photography Books of 2014. A total surprise as this is a very limited edition artist book (edition of 25 plus 2 A/P’s) and thus I am assuming not many have actually held or seen this.

What a sweet ending to the year and which reminds me that I need to get my butte back into gear and finish my next limited edition book Bluewater Shore, the second of the three photo-narratives planned for this series.



Cheryl Medow at TAG Gallery

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Crowned Cranes in the Acacia Tree copyright by Cheryl Medow.


Great Blue Heron with Chicks copyright by Cheryl Medow.


Cattle Egret of the World copyright by Cheryl Medow.


Great Egrets copyright by Cheryl Medow.


Cheryl Medow infuses her hyper-realistic images of wildlife with an acute, visceral energy. Her disciplined eye for detail and evocative use of interlocking her photographs adds an immediacy to natural scenes of wild animals and flora in their habitats.

From the jungles of Kenya to the marshy thickets of the Malibu Lagoon, Medow seeks the textures of the landscape and its diverse creatures, saturating them with layers of color and imagery. With every image we become atuned to the flow of the environment and the creatures within her magical dioramas. We see as the animal sees. We are the observer and observed.

More than shifting our perspectives, Medow’s images are calls to action.

“My work is an opportunity to celebrate these gorgeous, amazing animals and heighten awareness of conservation and our connection to nature.”


This show runs through July 14, 2012


TAG Gallery 2525 Michigan Avenue, D-3, (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 829-9556

Gallery  hours 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday. •




By Jim McKinniss

Two new releases by Steve McCurry at Peter Fetterman Gallery

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Jodhpur, India copyright by Steve McCurry.


Camels in Dust storm copyright by Steve McCurry


We are pleased to announce the release of theses two extraordinary images from Steve McCurry.

They are available in small editions in the following sizes:

1. 20 x 24 inches

2. 30 x 40 inches

3. 40 x 50 inches


Peter Fetterman Gallery is located at Bergamot Station #A1, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA

Phone: 310 453 6463


By Jim McKinniss

Canon Announces The 5D Mark III

Posted in Photo Art Business, Photographers, Photography by Gina Genis on March 5, 2012

Canon has announced the long-awaited Canon 5D Mark III. Read about the new features, price, and specs by clicking here.

Revolutionary Light Field Cameras – Beyond Digital

Posted in Photo Art Business, Photography, Uncategorized by Gina Genis on March 5, 2012

Can you imagine chucking your expensive digital camera into the lake? You just might do it when Light Field cameras take over. This new technology threatens to make digital obsolete. Read all about it, look at photos of the camera, and see how it works by clicking here.


Duncan Miller Gallery – Two seminars for photographers: Sunday Feb 5th.

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Artist Seminar: 15 Things You Can Do to Get Represented by a Gallery

We are constantly asked for advice and information from upcoming artists. The number one request on most artist’s agenda is getting good gallery representation. Gallery director Daniel Miller has created a dynamic no-nonsense seminar filled with details, ideas and strategies about how artists can get (and keep) the attention of galleries. Avoid common mistakes (one chapter is aptly titled “Don’t be an Idiot”), and learn how to develop an artist-gallery relationship.

The next seminar is Sunday, Feb 5, 12-2 pm. Seats are limited, so click here for more details, a seminar outline and to reserve your place.

Artist Seminar: How to Self-publish Your Own Book

The new standard for success for a photographer or other artist is presenting your work in a book format. While the tools to create books have become sophisticated and relatively easy-to-use, lots of questions remain. What to include, what not to include, design issues, where to have it made, how to leverage the book when completed, book signing strategies and more. Also, advanced strategies you can use to sell your book and actually make money. And also covered, why are you waiting? Make a book now!

The next seminar is Sunday, Feb 5, 3-5 pm. Seats are limited, so click here for more details, a seminar outline and to reserve your place.


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