Highlights from Photo LA’s Virtual Collect and Connect

00-photo la.jpg

By Gerhard Clausing

These days we are somewhat isolated due to the coronavirus situation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share our work. Quite the contrary, it is a more personal experience to virtually visit with our fellow photographers and authors and to hear and see them tell about their projects in an atmosphere of comfortable professionalism. To participate, you don’t have to drive anywhere, or even get shaved and dressed, unless you turn on your video camera! When the presenters share their images on their screens, you can see them more clearly than ever before.

This event sponsored by Photo LA, FOCUS, and Open Show LA this past weekend, June 27 and 28, was such an opportunity to learn about new work and practices. In addition to the panel presentations, there were also many 3D interactive gallery exhibitions and installations, as well as meet-and-greet events. Here I will present some new work that I found outstanding; I am also featuring a related article on photobooks in our sister publication, PhotoBook Journal, here.

I will simply show the work without comment; you will find some exciting images among them. The impressive documentary work of Ada Trillo was presented as part of Open Show LA by Richard S. Chow and Jonas Yip. Others were part of presentations by BJ Panda Bear, who has an amazing understanding of the range of visual possibilities. I was particularly impressed by the work of Noah Dillon, Samira Larouci, Dana Boulos, and Parker Day, as well as Edouard Taufenbach, presented by Elizabeth Houston Gallery.

I hope that the pandemic which has slowed things down will soon be over. But I am also hopeful that delightful virtual events such as this one will continue in the future.

01-La Caravana del Diablo - Ada Trillo

02-Ada Trillo.jpg

03-Ada Trillo.jpg



04-Edouard Taufenbach, Elizabeth Houston Gallery.jpeg

Edouard Taufenbach


05-Noah Dillon.jpg

Noah Dillon


06-Samira Larouci.jpg

Samira Larouci


07-Dana Boulos.jpg

Dana Boulos


08-Icons Series by Parker Day.jpg

Icons Series by Parker Day


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