December Meeting / 2010

The December meeting turned out to be a full house. Nearly 40 people in attendance and 17 names on the board to show work. Here are a few highlights from the meeting. As usual, the members never disappoint the group with new and interesting work. I am looking forward to a great new year, see you all in January 2011.

In the image above, Ted Nichols discusses his technique used to create his new infrared photographs .

Scott Mathews shows his digital image transfers, a technique that uses inkjet film and an alcohol gel to transfer the image to water color paper. The image below shows one of his black and white photographs transfered using the technique. He has passed along this link for additional information about the transfer technique he used to create his images.



Ellen Butler shows how she turned her unfortunate car accident into fine art abstract photographs.

Manny Martinez answers questions and discusses his color landscape photographs with the group.


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