Photo Exchange members Bill Collins and Diane Reeves at 2nd City Council Art Gallery

Photo copyright by Bill Collins
Photo "Last Stop" copyright by Diane Reeves

2nd City Council Art Gallery located in Long Beach, CA is one of the area’s finest community galleries.  The gallery presents  to the public the wealth of creativity that exists in the local art community and in greater California.

2nd City Council Art Gallery is honored to participate in a traditional neighborhood celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Each year, our neighbor’s apartment complex and courtyard becomes a magical place where altars, candlelight, marigolds, dancing and live music fill the air. The gallery hosts an exhibition inside and our garden is transformed with calacas, art workshops and delicious food. Gates open wide between neighbors to welcome and exchange of culture, art, tradition and friendship between our two spaces. Please join us in this joyous celebration.

Celebration & Artists’ Reception:  Saturday, November 6,  2010    7:00 p.m. – 9 p.m. (neighbors 5:30 – 10 )

The show runs from Sunday, Oct. 17 – Sunday, Nov. 14.  Gallery hours are Wed. – Sunday, noon to 5pm.

By Jim McKinniss

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