California State Parks Photo Competition

There are so many talented landscape and nature photographers in the Photographers Exchange. It is natural, then, that the California State Parks Photo Competition would be of great interest.

Several years ago, I considered entering. Once I read through the rules and regulations, I realized it was neither possible nor advantageous. For one, it was only open to amateur photographers. Next, the state of California owned your image. Once submitted, you transfered all rights. I don’t know about you, but I never enter a competition if I have to sign over all rights. I immediately put a note in the comment box of of the Salton Sea’s visitor center. Something to the effect of: if you want quality images to represent our State Parks, you should let professional photographers enter. You will get more submissions if you do not require the photographers to relinquish all rights.

This year the rules are in our favor. Professional photographers are allowed to enter, and you may keep the copyright. If you have captured a quality image in one of California’s State Parks, or plan to by year’s end, why not enter? It’s free, and there is still plenty of time. The deadline is December 31, 2009. If chosen, you will receive a lot of exposure for your exposure.

By Gina Genis

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