Anat Icar Shoham – Passages as Frame Shifts

31.489400 34.937853 (Passages as Frame Shifts series) copyright Anat Icar Shoham 2021 - When I received a small portfolio of images from Anat Icar Shoham for a book workshop I was leading, the very first image I came across was this one, 31.489400 34.937853, above. At first I thought I was looking either an extremely... Continue Reading →

Krysia Lukkakson – Forgotten Fruit

Forgotten Fruit copyright Krysia Lukkakson 2021 - This photograph by Krysia Lukkakson is one of those beautiful and haunting black and white photographs that I just cannot manage to forget. The shallow depth fo field that seems to allow the pomegranate fruit to appear suspended in the air, as though some wood-ghosts are tossing these... Continue Reading →

Survey of Contemporary Landscape

Diane Reeves, Pyramid, Nevada The investigation and image capture of the landscape dates back to the earliest photographs made by a camera in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce and the landscape still remains as one of the classic photographic genres. Photographers have romanticized the landscape as part of the Pictorialist movement in the early 1900’s... Continue Reading →

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