Remembering Sandor “Sandy” Demlinger and Manuel “Manny” Martinez IV


By Gerhard Clausing 


Last night the Southern California PhotographersExchange had a very nice meeting sharing memories of these two fellow members we lost this year. We were so pleased to hear a numbers of us relating amusing and touching experiences and anecdotes along with images created Sandy and Manny, as you can see below. Refreshments were served, Chicago jazz was played, and many episodes were discussed among those who came to this well-attended event. We were so happy to be able to share the evening with one of the founding members, Larry Vogel and his wife Barbara. The spirit of Sandy and Manny will be with us as we carry on the traditions they helped establish!



Doug Stockdale told the story of Sandy’s image with a ‘ghost,’ with Bill Edwards listening intently



Larry Vogel presented one of Sandy’s images from the year 1944



Larry Pribble talked about Sandy’s ‘levitation’ selfie



Larry Vogel also recounted some moments shared with Manny years ago


06-Sandy horse and drink.jpg

One of my favorite images by Sandy (from the Roger Bennett collection) – what the heck is going on here?  © Sandor Demlinger


07-Manny nature.jpg

One of my favorite images by Manny (from the “Living Nature” online exhibition, February 2019)  © Manuel Martinez IV


08-Janos and Diane-2442a.jpg

Our traditions continue: Janos Lanyi discussing the art of Diane Reeves, on display

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  1. Sorry I missed this! I have one of Manny’s images from a photo ecxhange. Will share when I get home – Currently in Italy – going next to Berlin!

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