The AMBIGUITIES Exhibition

Roger 3.jpg

© Roger Bennett


The AMBIGUITIES Exhibition

In Honor of Mother’s Day


This time I was especially pleased with the submissions. A range of images from the totally abstract to the concrete yet had-to-define can be found in the images that were submitted, and they are just bursting with creative energy. There is indeed much that makes you wonder what is visible, or hidden, or implied. The work also is an excellent display of the different approaches by the  individual artists.

Our world is certainly full of ambiguities. The interpretation is in the eye, mind, and heart of the observer, and so I hope you have some fun puzzling over the images shown here.

Congratulations to all the participants, and especially to Roger Bennett for having one of his images selected as the keynote. Where the heck did you find this unusual flower? This exhibition features work by Beatta Bosworth, Diane Reeves, Douglas Stockdale, Frank Cancian, Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Jan Brueckner, Janos Lanyi, Jim Koch, Jim McKinniss, Nancy Albright, Roger Bennett, Scott Mathews, and Stan Kuran.

All images are copyright © by each individual photographer, with websites available by clicking the name when highlighted. Since this is an exhibition open only to our group of Photographers Exchange members, yet shown to the whole internet, it is our custom here (contrary to practice for other shows) to include some curator’s images as well, if only to call attention to yet another particular artistic perspective. Remember that Doug and I have issued a call for guest curators, so let us know if you are interested!

It was a pleasure to curate this exhibition for our group. We also welcome new members, which would allow newcomers to participate.

Our next exhibition, for members only, will be “MUSIC TO MY EARS,” curated by Nancy Albright. Check out the newsletter to be mailed later today for details.

Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Exhibition Curator



Beatta Bosworth

Beatta 1.jpg

Beatta 2.jpg

Beatta 3.jpg


Diane Reeves

Diane 1.jpg

Diane 2.jpg

Diane 3.jpg


Douglas Stockdale

From the Series “Gardening for Ordnance”

Doug 1.jpg

Doug 2.jpg

Doug 3.jpg


Frank Cancian



Gerhard Clausing

Gerhard 1.jpg

Gerhard 2.jpg

Gerhard 3.jpg


Jan Brueckner

Jan 1.jpg

Jan 2.jpg


Janos Lanyi

Janos 1.jpg

Janos 2.jpg

Janos 3.jpg


Jim Koch

JimK 1.jpg

JimK 2.jpg

JimK 3.jpg


Jim McKinniss

JimM 1.jpg

JimM 2.jpg

JimM 3.jpg


Nancy Albright

Nancy 1.jpg

Nancy 2.jpg

Nancy 3.jpg


Roger Bennett

Roger 1.jpg

Roger 2.jpg


Scott Mathews

Scott 1.jpg

Scott 2.jpg

Scott 3.jpg


Stan Kuran

Stan 1.jpg

Stan 2.jpg

Stan 3.jpg


All images © the individual artists



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