Interview: Michael Weitzman – CollectorWorks


Photographs copyright Michael Weitzman

This is the second of a series of interviews of photographers who are or have been members of The Photographers Exchange, a group of photographers and artist that meets monthly at the Irvine Fine Arts Center (IFAC). Michael Weitzman has been regularly featured on YourDailyPhotograph and has recently become represented by CollectorWorks. This interview was about that transition. Previously we interviewed Jim McKinniss on his similar transition to be represented by CollectorWorks.

Editor, Douglas Stockdale (TPE): Michael thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss your photographic background and what led you to become part of Daniel Miller’s CollectorWorks (CW). Since each of you have a diverse style, perhaps it would be a good start if you could describe what you photograph and how you then process that imagery?

Michael Weitzman (MW) I typically shoot with plastic and lo-fi cameras, which enables my imagination to roam freely seeking new narratives from the mundane and often overlooked subjects. I enjoy immensely the handmade print utilizing a variety of traditional and alternative processes.

TPE: One of the common threads for this series of photographer interviews is that each of you has a shared background of being part of The Photographers Exchange. How did participating in The Photographers Exchange monthly meetings prepare you for being included in CollectorWorks?

MW: The Photographers Exchange is a great forum to showcase your work and get feedback and ideas from a good cross section of artists. It also pushed me to not be a “one trick pony”.

TPE: What was the process that eventually led to being included in the CW? If I recall, you have been featured somewhat regularly on YourDailyPhotograph (YDP) prior to this.

MW: Credit is due to fellow member Jim McKinniss. Jim attended a group exhibition that had three of my photogravures. He approached me and said you should talk to Daniel Miller or at least sign up for YDP. Miller just might be interested. The rest is history.

TPE: Miller has been quoted as saying that he has a particular following and has a great idea of what will sell and what will not. Have you found that to be the case as well for the photographs you have had featured and sold?

MW: My first photo sale was from a “lith” print on YDP. I decided to hand deliver it and meet Miller. We had a good exchange and I left with the impression of the old APPLE Computer term “Think Different”. Subsequently, I have sold several photographs, mostly alternative processed either through YDP or CW.

TPE: It would appear that the CW is a virtual gallery, does Daniel Miller have any of your photographs in his inventory or is this truly a virtual gallery?

MW: Miller maintains an inventory of my photographs and occasionally will exhibit them along with others from CW at his Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica.

TPE: As a result of being represented what other opportunities has this opened up for you?

MW: Lots of exposure, networking, and sales. For 2017 I was part of PHOTO L.A. and had the honor to present my work in front of many collectors and gallery owners. The energy and buzz was amazing !

TPE: What are the next steps that you now intend to take as a result of this representation?

MW: I’m thinking a book. The beauty of having my images presented thematically or as a story is very appealing to me.

TPE: If a photographer was interested in being represented by CollectorWorks, which recommendations would you offer?

MW: Find photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians that you admire and respect. Look at their work, study them. Rinse and repeat. Do work from the heart whatever that might be. Quoting Miles Davis “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself”

TPE: Thank you, it was a pleasure to discuss this with you and we are wishing you success as you continue your creative endeavors.

MW: Doug, thank you very much for the opportunity. It was a pleasure.






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