Interview: Jim McKinniss – CollectorWorks

Man in Black with Balloons Birds and Sphere

Photographs copyright Jim McKinniss

This is the first of a series of interviews of photographers who are or have been members of The Photographers Exchange. Jim McKinniss has been regularly featured on YourDailyPhotograph and has recently become represented by CollectorWorks. This interview was about that transition.

Editor, Douglas Stockdale (TPE): Thank you Jim, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss your photographic background and what led you to become part of Daniel Miller’s CollectorWorks. Since each of you have a diverse style, perhaps it would be a good start if you could describe what you photograph and how you then process that imagery?

Jim McKinniss (JM) Hello Doug. I have a rather eclectic portfolio of photographs. My current and past projects include a ten year project revolving around the annual Mask Festival in Venice, Italy,  the Los Angeles Metro,  Nudes in the landscape of the Badlands of South Dakota, Horses and the farmland around Santa Maria, CA where I currently live.

I make heavy use of Photoshop to do traditional wet darkroom type edits. For many of my photographs I will use texture layers to enhance images.

TPE: One of the common threads for this series of photographer interviews is that each of you has a shared background of being part of The Photographers Exchange. How did participating in The Photographers Exchange monthly meetings prepare you for being included in CollectorWorks?

JM: When I first began seriously making  photos about 12 years ago I attended my first Photographers Exchange meeting. In those meetings I saw a lot of great photography and participated in the friendly exchanges  about photography between members . I had the opportunity to see and discuss photos each month. I learned a lot about composition, printing, alternative ways of processing photos. Most importantly I learned how to read photographs and appreciate the artistic expression the members gave to their photos.

TPE: What was the process that eventually led to being included in the CollectorWorks? If I recall, you have been featured somewhat regularly on (YDP) prior to this.

JM: I met Daniel Miller a number of years ago when I visited his original gallery on Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles. Somehow that led me to subscribe to YDP. Through that  connection I found out that Daniel was was offering a free portfolio review. That was about 3 years ago.

I went to the review and at the end Daniel asked me to submit 6 of my images to YDP. Since then I have had my photos shown in 13 issues of YDP and have sold several photos through that exposure. Subsequently Daniel offered to represent my work through CollectorWorks.

TPE: Daniel Miller has been quoted as saying that he has a particular following and has a great idea of what will sell and what will not. Have you found that to be the case as well for the photographs you have had featured and which of these were the genre of images that sold?

JM: As I said, I have sold several of my photos through YDP. Since the work I submit covers a wide range of genre there is no specific one that I can point to as being the most popular with collectors.

Daniel definitely knows his collector base and is very aware of what they are interested in collecting. More than that Daniel travels, mostly to France I think, to art exhibitions to keep abreast of the status of the photography market.

TPE: It would appear that the ColllectorWorks is a virtual gallery, does Daniel Miller have any of your photographs in his inventory or is this truly a virtual gallery?

JM: It is a virtual gallery.

TPE: As a result of being represented by CollectorWorks what other opportunities has this opened up for you?

JM: CollectorWorks is only a few months old and I haven’t seen related opportunities arise as yet.

TPE: What are the next steps that you now intend to take as a result of this representation?

JM: Daniel Miller and CollectorWorks are the first  to offer representation of my work. I use that representation as part of my bio and for interview articles.  At this point I have not gone farther because of my travel schedule.

TPE: If a photographer was interested in being represented by CollectorWorks, which recommendations would you offer?

JM: Start by submitting photos to YDP.

TPE: Thank you, it was a pleasure to discuss this with you and we are wishing you success as you continue your creative endeavors.

JM: Thank you very much for your interest in my work and experiences Doug.

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