Russian photographer Katerina Belkina at Duncan Miller Gallery

Red Moscow copyright by Katerina Belkina.
The Road copyright by Katerina Belkina.

Duncan Miller Gallery is presenting the first Los Angeles exhibition of the works of Russian photographer and artist Katerina Belkina. Selected works from her series Empty Spaces and Not a Man’s World will be shown.

In Empty Spaces, Belkina uses self-portraiture to express the image of a new woman in a postmodern world. She creates herself as a distant character occupying different roles that represent a mysterious, alluring, yet disquieting relationship between herself and a created metropolis.

Her series Not A Man’s World retains her use of self-portraits, placing herself as a new type of heroine within age-old stories and fairy tales that are familiar, moving and deeply mysterious.

The gallery has not published exhibition dates.

Saturday, May 3, 7-9 pm, opening reception

2525 Michigan Ave, Unit A7
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone 310-453-1111

By Jim McKinniss

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