tPE Member John Montich is featured at Stone Rose Gallery in Long Beach

“All the leaves are brown & the sky is gray” copyright by John Montich
“Lichway” copyright by John Montich.
“Night & Day in NJ” copyright by John Montich.


Stone Rose Gallery in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach is proud to present Fine Art Photography, Three One Person Exhibitions. 

John Montich. “Multiple Sightings”.

Multiple images compressed to a single form have always provided me with thought provoking results.  Whether through multi-panel presentation or a multi-image overlay, the tension, sarcasm or satire is elevated.  Utilizing alternate processes, non-traditional film techniques and high quality darkroom prints has always brought rich results.

William Livingston, “Desert Discards”. 

I take pictures simply to see how the scene I’ve composed in my viewfinder will look as a photograph.  The images in “Desert Discards” were put together as Diptychs to juxtapose discarded neon signs from the Las Vegas Strip with abandoned structures off the highway from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert.

Ann Mitchell, “Meditative Spaces Found While Traversing the Razor’s Edge”.

 This body of work is dedicated to exploring the essential characteristics of change. I wanted to make images about the real challenges we face in everyday life. Each morning we wake up and think of the world as a known quantity. We build a vision in our mind of what our life is and will be, but the truth is, life is more about change, and making peace with that idea is what this series of constructed images seeks to explore. With each image I’m pushing into the feelings that we experience when life changes radically. Fear, happiness, confusion, insight, joy…all of these are on the path we are often forced to take.

 While my first inspirations were based on my own experiences, I’ve worked to go beyond the specifics through the use of archetypal elements such as water, nature and the occasional human character. Along the way, I started to create my own set of symbolic references: home, the ocean, trees and the tangle of vines and roots play repeating roles within this series. At the core of each image is also an exploration of the strong push and pull of longing: whether it’s the longing to find a safe place, or even to feel that we are grounded in some manner.

Inspired by a love of surrealist painters, such as Magritte, these images often come to me through meditation, dreams, memories and intuitive explorations. My titles are there as guides, rather than explanation, to keep the possibilities open for the viewer. I’ve chosen to print them on matte paper to further their illustration quality.

The Exhibition: January 25th through February 22nd.

Opening Reception, Saturday, January 25th, 7-9 p.m.

The Gallery is located at 342 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

Phone: (562) 436-1600    


Wednesday and Thursday, 12-6 p.m.

Friday and Saturday, 12-7 p.m.



By Jim McKinniss

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