Photographer Sally Mann – Southern Landscapes

Photos copyright by Sally Mann



“Living in the South means being both nourished and wounded by the experience. 
To identify a person as a Southerner is always to suggest not only that her history 
is inescapable and profoundly formative, but that it is also imperishably present. 
Southerners live at the nexus between myth and reality where that peculiar amalgam 
of sorrow, humility, honor, loyalty, graciousness and renegade defiance plays out 
against a backdrop of profligate physical beauty.”

-Sally Mann


“We let the remarkable, ordinary wonders of living slip into the oblivion of memory, 
but they are the very moments Sally Mann lovingly records, resurrects, and returns to 
us. I would not be surprised if at the moment of our deaths the last thoughts that 
flicker before our consciousness look like photographs by Sally Mann, and I will be 
disappointed if mine do not.”

-John Wood


By Jim McKinniss

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