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Jeremy Kidd – Temporal Excursions at Leslie Sacks Contemporary

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Photo Copyright by Jeremy Kidd


Photo copyright by Jeremy Kidd


Photo copyright by Jeremy Kidd


Photo copyright by Jeremy Kidd


 Leslie Sacks Contemporary is excited to announce an exhibition of works by Venice Beach artist Jeremy Kidd. Working in Photography & Adobe Photoshop, Kidd creates landscape and urbanscape images that are simultaneously realistic and abstract. Photographing over many days often from multiple perspectives, Kidd will use hundreds of these photographs in the same way a painter uses a palette of oils and acrylics. His process of layering and composing these photographs results in the final irregular shaped artwork with relates to the assemblage process.

Jeremy Kidd’s work is a direct nod to David Hockney’s photographic collages of the 1980’s, such as Pearblossom Highway, 11-18th 1986. Hockney creates a flat cubist composition using color photographs, which requires the viewer to connect these visually fragmented components of a deconstructed scene in order to assess the complete image. In contrast, Jeremy Kidd presents a seamless collage that access the subjective realm of time and memory, as the works evolve away from their photographic source; Providing a highly manipulated image, thrusting the viewer into his fictional reality.

Trained as a sculptor, Jeremy Kidd’s interest is in the American Hudson River School and British tradition of landscapes and the philosophical idea of the sublime. In Waterbowl, 2005, Kidd again combines multiple photographs to create an overall sense of the location, not just a particular moment in time. Dawn and dusk, clouds and clear skies, dark and translucent water appear together in one hyper-real moment in time as created by the artist. The large-scale and irregular angles of the composition allow for multiple entry points, inviting the viewer to step into this created landscape and experience nature’s sublime.

 In his urbanscapes, Jeremy Kidd creates the same sense of the sublime in the setting of a contemporary metropolis. As with artists like Thomas Cole travel has become an integral part of the practice. In Oriental Pearl, (Pudong Shanghai) 2013 Kidd explains that he envisions, “…the structures and forms growing and replicating, deconstructing and reconstructing”. This emphasizes the “biomorphic quality” of the architecture. The layering of photographs incorporates deep perspectives from a range of angles, creating a dichotomy of depth and flatness in a single image. The streaking bright lights, swirling sidewalks and towering buildings impress upon the viewer the overwhelming feeling, or sense of the sublime, that one would have standing in the midst of this city.

 A billboard by Jeremy Kidd can be seen in Culver City as part of Otis College’s exhibition West of the 405. Jeremy Kidd’s work is the permanent collection of the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA, the American Embassy in Algeria and the American Embassy in Panama.


This show runs through July 20, 2013

Leslie Sacks Contemporary is located in Bertamot Station

2525 Michigan Ave. B6m Santa Monica, Ca 90404

Contact: Tyler Lemkin (310) 264-0640


By Jim McKinniss


Daniel Gordon: The Green Line at M+B Gallery

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Lemons copyright by Daniel Gordon


Asparagus 2013 copyright by Daniel Gordon


Portrait with Blue Hair 2013 copyright by Daniel Gordon


Crescent Eyed Portrait (in Blue) 2013 copyright by Daniel Gordon

M+B is pleased to announce The Green Line, Daniel Gordon’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.  The exhibition title is a nod to Matisse’s well-known 1905 portrait of the artist’s wife and is visually referenced in several of Gordon’s works including large scale still lifes and portraits, along with a selection of smaller works operating as isolated studies. In conjunction with the exhibition, Mörel has published Gordon’s second monograph titled Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts, which will be available at the gallery.Daniel Gordon: The Green Line runs from May 18 through June 29, 2013, with an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, May 18 from 6 to 8 pm.


In Gordon’s practice, the artist culls photographic images from the Internet, prints them out and uses them to build three-dimensional tableaus. He then photographs these tableaus with an 8 x 10 inch view camera. Afterward, the sculptures are dismantled, though their various elements—body parts, colors, background patterns—are often reused to make new works. 


Gordon’s melding together of fragmented parts form a dislocated reality where different perspectives, profiles and people merge into an incongruous whole. Through the process of slicing, cutting, gluing, staging, arranging and recycling, Gordon executes a shift from digital to analogue—almost as though he were engaged in a physical form of Photoshop—and challenges the stability of the fixed image, opening up the possibility for new meanings to emerge. This unique handling of the photographic medium connects Gordon with the history of collage and painting. In these works red, yellow and blue dominate in bold blocks.  Visibly torn edges, gobs of glue and raw, recycled scraps fuse and separate before our eyes, wavering between completion and dissolution.


Also on display is a selection of smaller works depicting fruits and vegetables that Gordon refers to as color and object studies.  These formal investigations employ another layer of recycling: all are parts or pieces that have been discarded from the larger still lifes and portraits.  Here they are given special attention, as if viewed under a microscope, to further examine the physical nature of these objects—the fine line the work straddles as it shifts from the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional. 


Daniel Gordon (b. 1980) holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College (2004) and an MFA from Yale School of Art (2006). Solo exhibitions include Zach Feuer Gallery, Wallspace, and Leo Koenig Inc. in New York City and Claudia Groeflin Gallery in Zurich. In 2009 he was included in the New Photography exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and in 2010 his work was featured in Greater New York at MoMA P.S. 1. Four books have been published of Gordon’s work: Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts (Mörel, 2013), Flowers and Shadows (Onestar Press, 2011), Portrait Studio (Onestar Press, 2009) and Flying Pictures (powerHouse Books, 2009). Gordon was recently appointed a Critic in Photography at Yale and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


This show runs through June 29, 2013


M+B 612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, California 90069
Telephone 310 550 0050
Email info [at]


By Jim McKinniss

Yvonne Venegas – Borrando la Linea at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

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Photo copyright by Yvonne Vendgas.


Photo copyright by Yvonne Vendgas.


Photo copyright by Yvonne Vendgas.



Shoshana Wayne Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of photographs by Yvonne Venegas. This is Yvonne’s second show with the gallery.

Venegas continues to investigate the notion of portraiture. This practice was instilled in the artist through the work of her father- a photographer who captures various social events in the Mexican city of Tijuana. As a youth, Yvonne began her exploration of capturing images through photographs that she took of her twin sister Julieta, now a famous pop singer in Mexico.

For her current exhibition, the main gallery features 16 images taken from a body of work titled “Inedito”. Yvonne was on set for select sessions of filming the third season of the Mexican telenovela “Rebelde”. Most of the images are taken either at Televisa San Angel Sound Stage 3, on location at Royal Forest country club or live at concerts in the US. The telenovela follows a group of students from an elite academic institution, as several students create a band. The fictional band created for the show became a national sensation and performed live concerts to thousands of fans around the world.

It is this particular notion of blurred reality that fascinates Venegas. In her images, it is often unclear what is a set, and what is reality. A few images focus on the fans of the band, who seek to emulate the band members by mimicking their school uniform. The irony of fiction juxtaposed with reality becomes crystallized in many of the shots she takes. The process of perception in understanding roles- who is an actor, what is real; is blurred even further in some images, as the subjects of some photos mistake Venegas for her famous twin sister and attempt to capture her image while she is taking theirs. On a larger social scale, the telenovela actors take on huge impact in the culture with their mass popularity. It is suggested that a few of the actors are paired with local politicians in real life as strategy to boost election votes for that candidate. Again fiction runs side by side with reality.

In the smaller gallery, Venegas chooses a selection of photographs from a recent body of work “Gestus”. This series is currently in progress, and the installation hints at the unfinished nature of the work. In “Gestus”, Venegas builds what she calls a “documentary project about portraiture” by seeking anonymous subjects who want to be photographed as well as photographers for hire and other amateur photographers as they document their subjects.

Yvonne Venegas has exhibited at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey Monterrey, Mexico; Museo De Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City; Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA; Museum des Beaux Arts, Orleans, France; Bozar Museu, Brussels.

Venegas was the recipient of the Magnum Expression Photography Award in 2010 and is also featured in the first ever “Biennale Online”.

Yvonne lives and works in Mexico City, DF.

This show runs June 1 through August 23, 2013

2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 453-7535

For more information please contact


By Jim McKinniss

tPE member Jim McKinniss to show photos in CA 101

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Chair at Manhattan Art Gallery #1 copyright by Jim McKinniss


Sweeping 2010 #2 copyright by Jim McKinniss


CA101 2013 will take place at the AES Power Plant located off CA101 in Redondo Beach. The dormant structure has a soaring ceiling, expanse of windows, open space and unique backdrop of the original equipment. It is the size of a football field with brick red floors and mint turbines. A unique Industrial Cathedral.

This year’s exhibit is an unparalleled venue for artists from California’s Oregon border to San Diego to share and exchange their creative impressions of life today in California. In order to achieve a quality exhibition, CA101 will be juried carefully and curated with care, taking advantage of this unique space.

Our wish is to understand and appreciate the work of artists working in California. We would like to explore how living in California shapes the work artists are creating today.


Opening night: Friday June 7, 2013      5 – 9 pm
Location: AES Power Plant Redondo Beach
1100 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Gallery Hours:

SAT 6.8.13   11 – 8pm

SUN 6.9.13   11 – 7pm

FRI 6.14.13   5 – 9pm

SAT 6.15.13   11 – 8pm

SUN 6.16.13   1 – 7pm


By Jim McKinniss