Pop-up PhotoBook Exhibit at Irvine Fine Art Center

copyright the various photographers

Concurrent with the October Photographers Exchange meeting at the Irvine Fine Art Center, I will be providing a pop-up PhotoBook exhibit. From my collection are the vast majority of the photobooks that are currently showing in my exhibition at FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale in Rome Italy. The exhibition broadly explores the theme of “work”. I will provide a short introduction to my selection for this exhibition and briefly discuss a few of the photobooks.

Although this is not an official PhotoBook Club event per se, it is an exploratory meet-up to determine an interest in a PhotoBook Club group in Southern California. The issue in the past for similar meet-ups to this has been that Southern California is a very large and spread-out region, that a meet-up in Orange County may not be suitable for those in Santa Monica, the SF valley, SG Valley or San Diego. Thus the main reason that this is an exploratory meet-up!

This pop-up exhibition will not have the same polished appearance as my exhibition in Rome, as one component will be missing. For the Rome exhibition, I asked the participating photographers to re-photograph their book’s interior and we then hung these photographs around the book display. Nevertheless, these re-photographs are available here. Additionally, I will bring a few other photobooks from my collection that also investigate the theme of “work”.

The photobooks exhibiting at Fotografia that are planned for this exhibition include: Pierre Bessard’s Behind China’s Growth, Julie Blackmon – Domestic Vacations, Michal Chelbin’s The Black Eye, Chris Coekin’s The Altogether, Clayton Cotterell’s Unarmed, Marco Delogu’s The Thirty Assassins, Charlotte Duma’s Al Lavoro!, Andy Freeberg’s Guardians, Thijs Heslenfeld’s Men at Work, Sarah Hobbs’s Small Problems in Living, Henry Horenstein’sSHOW, Rob Hornstra’s Sochi Singers, Pieter Hugo’s Permanent Error, Ron Jude’s Lick Creek Line, Chris Killip’s Seacoal, Gina LeVay’s Sandhogs, Rania Matar’s A Girl in her Room, Kendall Messick’s The Projectionist, Darin Mickey’s Stuff I Gotta Remember Not to Forget, Cristina de Middel (Puch)’s The Afronauts, Bertil Nilsson’s Undisclosed, Andreas Oetker-Kast’s manpower, Louie Palu’s Cage Call, Lina Pallotta’s Piedras Negras, Christian Patterson’s Redheaded Peckerwood, Nina Poppe’s ama, Florian von Roekel’s How Terry Likes His Coffee, Ken Schles’s Oculus, Martin Schoeller’s Female Bodybuilders, David Schulz’s Lone Wolf, Melissa Shook’s My Suffok Downs

The PhotoBook will be available for inspection and reading.

Exhibition venue: Irvine Fine Art Center, 14321 Yale Ave, Irvine, CA 92604

Date and duration: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 from 6:30 pm to 9:0 pm

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

2 thoughts on “Pop-up PhotoBook Exhibit at Irvine Fine Art Center

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  1. Having the chance to look at your books was great, Doug. Thanks for making that happen, as well as sharing words about the process with us. Also very cool that some people came to the PX last night for your books and the PX meeting was gravy for them!
    I applaud your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. What’s the visual equivalent for “write on?” Lacking it, I’ll just say, right on! And carry on!
    And given that you’re a book collector, I am happy to have one of my books in your collection. 🙂
    All the best.

  2. Ellen, thanks for the wonderful feedback on the pop-up exhibit and my collection. I am also very happy to be fortunate enough to acquire one of your artist books. And I will attempt to keep “writing on”!

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