Forever Young – The Art of Music Photography at Peter Fetterman Gallery

Willie Nelson, New York City copyright by Mark Seliger
Kurt Cobain, Kalamazoo, Michigan copyright by Mark Seliger
John Lennon, Hamburg Fun Fair, Heiligengeistfeld copyright by Astrid Kirchherr
Pete Seeger, Croton on Hudson, New York copyright by Annie Leibovitz

This summer the Peter Fetterman Gallery is proud to present iconic rock and roll images including everything from Frank Sinatra to Kurt Cobain. Peter’s vast collection includes work from such artists as Annie Leibovitz, Danny Clinch, John Cohen, Don Hunstein, Astrid Kirchherr, Hermon Leonard, Gered Mankowitz, Mark Seliger, Kate Simon, Alfred Wertheimer and more. These artists were initiators of a movement and have captured the culture that was and is rock and roll.


Music is a reflection of our culture and our place in time. It is the adhesive that draws us together and propels us forward towards shared aspirations. This undeniably emotional collection of photographs contains images that appeal to viewers of all ages and musical appetites. The photographs will set aside commonplace notions while showcasing the tremendous influence of both the photographers and their subjects.


Peter Fetterman Gallery

2525 Michigan Avenue Gallery A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: 310 453 6463

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am – 6pm
General Inquiries:

By Jim McKinniss

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