tPE member Kathy Shapiro work selected for Create:Fixate’s All Photography Show

Beige Orange copyright by Kathy Shapiro
Blue Into Pink copyright by Kathy Shapiro
Red Center copyright by Kathy Shapiro

Snap Flash 2012 will present an array of images adhering to the premise that life can reside in a single moment in time – and in that mile-second, a whole story can be told.

This show will honor moments in time that would have never been shared without the presence of a photographer and their remarkable vision.

Create:Fixate’s Mission:

Create:Fixate is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and bringing together a community where creativity is a catalyst of expression and dialogue. Through festive art exhibits, the organization exposes new talent in a professional environment along with attracting  and cultivating a new generation of art lovers. These events attract new art enthusiasts through artist involvement, community outreach, and education programs.


  • Enhance artists’ ability to connect to their audience
  • Increase appreciation of art in today’s culture
  • Increase access to the arts and arts education for teens and at-risk youth
  • Develop a community of artists and supporters

Founded in 2001, Create:Fixate has quickly become a central hub of the Los Angeles arts community, with plans to expand nationally and around the world. Quarterly multi-media events draw in a blend of aural and visual arts, generating a fresh dynamic atmosphere for art appreciation that mirrors the diversity of Los Angeles itself. Average attendance at each event is 1,200 people, and Create:Fixate serves as a destination for the evening.

Create:Fixate’s programs are geared towards promoting artists who have significant bodies of work but lack resources for self-promotion and exposure, peer affiliation or creative growth. Themed art events allow artists and patrons to explore and express ground-breaking ideas and address current social issues through art. Such topics include Earth Day, Politics, Transformation, Love-Beauty-Desire, and our annual All Photography Show.

The combination of Create:Fixate’s art shows and partnerships with other cultural events has established the organization as the place to discover emerging talent.  Create:Fixate crosses different neighborhoods and reaches audiences of every ethnicity and economic level. The audience is drawn to a unique and powerful blend of art and music – an open, relaxed atmosphere that offers an alternative to a traditional gallery setting.

Create:Fixate has humble roots in a private downtown loft art party, but has grown over the years into a full-blown arts organization credited for launching the careers of many local artists and musicians. Beyond Create:Fixate’s events, the organization has hosted seminars for its community, participated in various art walks across Los Angeles, producedCreate:Fixate Volume 1– a music compilation CD promoting local musicians, has expanded its programs to include community outreach directed towards high school students and at-risk youth through the 8 Sundays High School Program, and continues to offer the Kids Kreativity Zone at each event so families can explore art and their own creativity together. Earlier this year Create:Fixate launched its new website and is currently enhancing its features to continue promoting the emerging talent the organization dearly believes in.

Equally important are the patrons! Create:Fixate is grateful for their continued support and is proud to assist in the cultivation of new art collectors of our generation and music enthusiasts! Create:Fixate’s Patron Program was introduced in early 2008 and membership is on the up and up! Members enjoy special benefits such as admission discounts, private event entrance, discounts on art purchases, future member-only soirees, plus more depending on what level you join! Lastly, Create:Fixate’s newest program Best in Show brings out the art critic in all our event guests and allows patrons to vote for their favorite artists in the show. The top three artists are rewarded with prizes from participating sponsors plus patrons are entered into a drawing as well – it’s a win-win situation! At the ripe young age of 9, Create:Fixate is ambitious as ever helping to keep Los Angeles thriving with art, music, and everything creative!

This show opens Saturday, April 28, 2012 : 7pm – 2am

Be sure to see

*Kids Kreativity Zone During Preview*

By  Jim McKinniss

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