Precious Moments exhibit to open at Reflective Image Gallery

Leaves copyright by Barbara Leideritz.
Window #2, Dongguan, China copyright by Ludo Leideritz

Celebrated photographers, artists and printmakers, Barbara and Ludo Leideritzare kicking off the 2012 year at Reflective Image Gallery in Metro Point with their show, entitled “Precious Moments; the works of Barbara and Ludo Leideritz”, showcasing their abilities to create magical images, inviting the viewer into their visually-inspiring realm.

Barbara’s intimate botanicals reveal her unique and keen sense of form and composition, that, when combined with her masterful print-making skills, create images that evoke and emote powerful insight and expression.

Ludo’s portfolio, entitled “China’s Hidden Villages” beckons the viewer into a world rarely seen by outsiders. His journeys into these secret places are now shared with the world through his richly-toned platinum prints. His other renderings reveal his ability to capture a decisive moment.

The Leideritzs’ collaboration allows the viewer to appreciate and celebrate that which is so wonderful in their relationship of 35 years; the melding of their creative spirits, expressed through their masterful talents.

Since the re-opening of Reflective Image Gallery last August, it is clear that the gallery adds a fresh and avant-garde destination to theOrangeCountyArtscene. The focus of the gallery is on education and community access to the arts. Local college art classes have been invited to and visited the gallery, and the gallery generously opens its doors to nonprofit organizations in Orange County for meetings and fundraisers.

Precious Moments; the works of Barbara and Ludo Leideritz runs February 25-March 31, 2012

Artists’ Reception; February 25; 7:00-10:00 PM


Reflective Image Gallery 211 E. Columbine, Suite G

South Coast Metro, CA92707

Telephone/Fax:  949-709-3727

Hours: Saturday, 11-6 PM and Sunday, 12-5 PM Or by appointment



By Jim McKinniss

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