Hand colored photos by Kelli Knack

Photo copyright by Kelli Knack
Photo copyright by Kelli Knack
Photo copyright by Kelli Knack
Photo copyright by Kelli Knack
Photo copyright by Kelli Knack

I met Kelli Knack for about 7 years now. At that time she was doing all of my photo matting but she was already an accomplished photogapher. I have followed Kelli’s work  off and on ever since. I recently saw her newest work at a gallery show in Santa Monica, CA and then again in Beverly Hills last weekend.

Kelli’s newest work is a series of seascapes titled “My Escape.” The photos in this series were all taken in the Cambria, CA area. Each photo is beautifully hand colored by Kelli and evoke a sense of serenity and peacefulness.

Here is how Kelli describes “My Escape“:

This series was born out of a desire to reconnect with myself. It is easy for a landscape photographer to take pictures of pretty things, defining the world around us, instead of the world within us. Longing for a change, I left for the coast. I escaped to the one place I could go where I can truly be myself.

My trips to the California coast are planned to occur during low tide at sunrise. I have always found morning light to be more attractive, lighting the water first instead of the sky, the ocean seems to come alive as it turns from black to grey to lavender and peach, then to blue. And low tide is most revealing. As the water retreats, the ocean exposes its mysteries to those who walk along the shore. When I walk out onto the beach, well before sunrise, I never know what I will find. But I do know that every one of these mornings of solitude brings me closer to who I really am.

For over fifteen years, Kelli has exhibited her work throughout the US, from juried art shows to galleries. In the late 1990s, she owned and operated a gallery in central Oregon where she featured her work.

Her series, My Escape, has received accolades from prestigious competitions, including the Prix de la Photographie Paris, the International Photography Awards, and Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 150. 

The Process: Kelli uses a medium format camera and develops all of her film by hand, two rolls at a time. The photographs are produced by her in a traditional wet darkroom. She colors each photograph by hand with colored pencils, resulting in truly unique imagery.

These images are more about thought and feelings than ocean scenery. The ocean is a melting pot of emotions and this is what she hopes to capture.

You can view Kelli’s work at http://www.kelliknack.com/


By Jim McKinniss

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