In Focus: The Sky – an exhibition at the Getty Center Museum

Photos copyright by Joel Meyerowitz and John Divola

This exhibition runs through December 4, 2011

With its immensity, immateriality, and variability, the sky has been an enduring subject in art history, fascinating and challenging generations of artists.

As soon as the medium of photography was introduced in 1839, photographers attempted to represent the sky and its natural phenomena.

Atmospheric light and its constant mutability have always been hard to capture, but by the 1850s the greater light sensitivity of collodion negatives (compared to the daguerreotype and calotype processes) allowed the spectacles of the sky to be more easily transposed to photography.

With further technical improvements such as the development of instantaneous processes in the 1880s and the advent of Kodachrome color film around 1935, photographers have continued to explore this theme in diverse and imaginative ways.


Featured artists include Andre Kertesz, Joel Meyerowitz, John Divola, Gustave Le Gray, and Robert Adams.


Museum and exhibition information can be found at:

By Jim McKinniss

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