The photographs of El Porte-Bonheur are worth a look.

Photo copyright by El Porte-Bonheur


As I have mentioned in the past, I see a lot of photos and every once in a while I like to highlight the work of various photographers whose work I admire. The photo above is by El Porte-Bonheur who is currently living in Torino, Italy.

Here is what El says about her photography:

I am a no-flashlight photographer out of conviction, specialized in b/w low light street photography, avoiding spectacular effects and elaborating my pictures with a minimum of layout and pp work.
I enjoy the process of visually creating an image, an emotion, and to communicate an idea or the story.

You can see more of El’s work at:


By Jim McKinniss

One thought on “The photographs of El Porte-Bonheur are worth a look.

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  1. I can understand your apprecation of her photography, and i love her statement about her visual aesthetic. Presentation is important, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the viewer. The intrinsic power of a well seen image is paramount.

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