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Photo copyright held by the Evelyn Hofer estate.
Photo copyright held by the Evelyn Hofer estate.
Photo copyright held by the Evelyn Hofer estate.

I added a new link to the sidebar Web Links. That link is to a British blog written by David Secombe called The London Column. David writes about British photographers and writers who have covered the city for the last 60 years.

The last three issues and the two upcoming issues feature text by V.S. Pritchett commenting on the culture of London in 1962. The text is accompanied by photographs of the late German photographer Evelyn Hofer which serve to put an exclamation point on Pritchett’s words.

Hofer was born in Germany in 1922 and died in Mexico City in 2009. She moved to Mexico with her family in 1942, then to New York in 1946. She had apprenticed with two photographers in Zurich before attempting a professional career as a fashion photographer.

Hofer used a five-inch viewfinder camera to make orderly and well-constructed portraits and scenic photographs. Her style centered on straightforward compositions that were clear, but not simple. Her portraits show subjects looking lost, sad, or at least ambiguous.

This is a terrific blog. Take a look.

By Jim McKinniss

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