Out of Con(text) show to open at dnj Gallery

Copyrights to these photos are held by the individual artists
Photo copyright by Richard Gilles
Photo copyright by Tom Stone
Photo copyright by Annie Seaton


Copyrights to these photos are held by the individual artists


dnj Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Out of Con(text), a group show of several dnj Gallery artists, featuring the southern Californian artist Andrew Uchin in Gallery II. More about Uchin’s work to follow in the next few days.

 In conjunction with the exhibition in Gallery II, dnj Gallery will present the works of Michael Eastman, Richard Gilles, Cynthia Greig, Annie Seaton, Bill Sosin, Tom Stone, David Trautrimas, and Dylan Vitone in Gallery I. These photographers are all represented and exhibited by dnj Gallery. Without exception each artist eagerly investigates the world surrounding him/her, and has built a strong point of view and personal visual expression. By placing work ‘out of context,’ the gallery hopes to highlight some of our favorite images in a more unique and select presentation.

SHOW DATES:         July 23- September 3, 2011

RECEPTION:             Saturday, July 23, 5-7pm

GALLERY HOURS:  Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am -6 pm


By Jim McKinniss

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