Cole Thompson Photography

Photo "Gabriel" copyright by Cole Thompson


Fountainhead 2010-12-06 copyright by Cole Thompson


Auschwitz Guard Tower copyright by Cole Thompson

I became aware of Cole Thompson’s photography quite by accident. I saw a feature about his work, “The Ghosts of Auschwitz,”  in B&W Magazine quite a while ago. Subsequently, I signed up for his  newsletters and so I get updates on his current projects.  Reading the current newsletter prompted me to write this brief post.

Cole’s work is beautifully mysterious and moody. He works in black and white and is a master at bring out the light and shadows in a scene.

The following is taken from his website:

“While living in Rochester, NY, I stumbled across an old building associated with George Eastman, which led to my reading of his biography. Before I even completed the book, I knew that I was going to be a photographer and for the next 10 years, photography was my complete existence. If I wasn’t taking pictures or in the darkroom, I would spend countless hours looking at every book and image I could find. There was nothing in my life except photography. 

Even at this early age I found myself drawn to a particular style of image, one that would literally cause a physical reaction in me. They were dark images created by Adams, Weston, Bullock and others. I knew that I was destined to create such images.

I am often asked, “Why black and white?” I think it’s because I grew up in a black-and-white world. Television, movies and the news were all in black and white. My heroes were in black and white and even the nation was segregated into black and white.  My images are an extension of the world in which I grew up.”

By Jim McKinniss

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