Jo Babcock: “The Invented Camera” at Duncan Miller Gallery

Paint Can Camera - Painter on scaffold photograph Copyright by Jo Babcock

Jo Babcock makes cameras out of found objects, each designed to create a single photograph. Some pairings allow the viewer to suspend disbelief and become the object — as a Band Aid box viewing its patient; a detergent box studies a coin-operated washing machine; a gasoline can observing an abandoned gas station.

After its brief career, each camera becomes a sculptural art object, as presented and offered together with its photograph. These one-of-a-kind paired sets keep the codependent relationships intact.

This show runs MARCH 10, 2011 – APRIL 23, 2011

ADDRESS: 10959 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

Contact: Tel: 310 838 2440

By Jim McKinniss

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