John A. Stewart wins award at 2nd City Council Gallery show

Eastern Oregon Landscape copyright by John A. Stewart

John A. Stewart’s photo “Eastern Oregon Landscape” was awarded 3rd place at the “Earth” show which is currently running at 2nd City Council Gallery in Long Beach.

According to Stewart “While driving in Eastern Oregon, an unusual pattern caught my eye. The way things aligned caused me to stop, get out my 4×5 view camera and make this photo. It was dangerous on the highway. I attempted to take a second photo, but it was ruined by the vibration of a large truck. Only this image remains.

This photograph captures the rapidly changing landscape of America. The modern highway dominates the image with active lines.  Its vertical marker, like a gun sight, appears to put the furrowed farmland in its sights, ready to claim the land for its own.”

2nd City Council Gallery is located at:

435 Alamitos Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802-1643
(562) 901-0997

By  Jim McKinniss

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