The Photographers Exchange – The Annual print exchange meeting


Greetings Photo Exchange Members and Friends of The Photographers’ Exchange,

We are 21 this year! Come and celebrate with us at our annual Photographers’ Exchange Anniversary Party on March 17th from 6:30-9:30 at The Irvine Fine Arts Center located at 14321 Yale Avenue in Irvine, CA. Dinner will be served, pizza, drinks and the usual accessories.

We will continue this year with The Photographers’ Exchange photo print exchange. If you plan to participate, please bring a print to exchange. Your print can be loose, mounted and/or matted. Typically prints are any size, but usually not anything too large. We place all of the prints up for viewing, then we vote for our three favorites. We then begin the print exchange, starting with the image that receives the most votes. Through a very complex system, developed over the years, selections are made and when the evening is finished each participant will go home with a print. Remember to bring your best print for the exchange…the sooner your image is selected, the sooner you get to choose the image you want to take home. Lots of fun.

Please note: Our $36 membership payments for the year are due in March. You can bring a check with you to the meeting, or mail it to Larry Pribble, 2114 Plumwood, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Make checks payable to The Photographers’ Exchange.

As a member you are welcome to participate and show your work on our website

Please email Larry Vogel for details on how to prep your images for submission to the members site.

The Photographers’ Exchange maintains a blog which can be found at

Any news or information about members exhibitions can be posted on our blog site. Please send your information to be posted to Jim McKinnis at or Doug Stockdale at

Looking forward to a great evening,

Larry Vogel 

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