Michal Giedrojc: Works of the unreal

Image copyright by Michal Giedrojc
Image copyright by Michal Giedrojc
Image copyright by Michal Giedrojc

Most of the information provided by this blog is concerned with established or famous photographers. But there are thousands of extremely talented photographers in this world who get little attention in the “press” for a variety of reasons. I have decided to occasionally show the work of the lesser known photographer. Michal Giedrojc’s work was brought to my attention by Leonid Khodyrev who is a Russian photographer I know through an online photo community.

The following is taken from Artistaday.com www.artistaday.com/?p=8479 You can see more of Michal’s work there.

Michal Giedrojc in his work resists the urge to convey the true personality of his models. Rather, he presents his human subjects in unreal and hostile surroundings, exiled from everyday reality and the comforts it provides.

He photographs models with blank or grim expressions, and then manipulates their surrounding to appear almost post-apocalyptic, highlighting the mood of alienation and discomfort. He prides himself on creating dream visions—images that would be impossible to perceive with our senses.

Giedrojc’s work has been nominated in competitions across Europe and featured in various art magazines in Poland.  Michal resides in Slupsk, Poland.

By Jim McKinniss

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