Argentinian photographer Agus Mascitti-Salvado

My Wedding copyright by Agus Mascitti-Salvado


Mili 1 copyright by Agus Mascitti-Salvado


Low or High Perspective copyright by Agus Mascitti-Salvado


Every once in a while you come into contact with a person who  impresses you. For the last year or two I have enjoyed corresponding with photographer Agus Mascitti-Salvado who is from Argentina but currently resides in Tunisia with her family. I became aware of Agus through mutual friends Jan and Melinda Isachsen who I have known for over 5 years now. Jan and Melinda travel a lot because of Melinda’s work and found themselves in Tunisia a few years ago where they met Agus.

Most of  my correspondence with Agus has been about her family which includes her young twins. So knowing her as a photographer has been in large part enjoying the photos of the twins or her with the twins. Only recently have I become aware of her range of talent as a photographer. I discovered this because I recognized one of her online photos from Tunisia that I also had seen in a video from Melinda Isachsen that I received a few years ago. So for the last two years I have known her and I have known some of her work but I had not put the two together.

So now there is a new dimension to my friend Agus. Just another example of how photography can touch the lives of people.


By Jim McKinniss


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