“Off the Hinges” show by John Montich at Utopia

Image copyright by John Montich


John Montich, a long time member of The Photographers’ Exchange, is the featured artist in the show “Off the Hinges” at Utopia gallery in Long Beach, CA. The work for this show is comprised of twenty 4×5 transparencies created from 35mm slides using a Daylab slide printer.  These twenty transparencies are one of a set from the edition of 15.

When asked about John’s work for this show, James Scarborough,  who is a Los Angeles area based art, theatre, and film critic had this to say:

“With bulwark forms that appear held in place with dynamic compositional lines, “Off the Hinges”, appears exceptionally well composed.  Upon closer examination however, some little something – an object, an errant line, a shaft of light – crops out of nowhere.  While these little flourishes don’t threaten the balance of the composition, they do remind us that no work of art is vouchsafed without some form of plastic struggle, whose resolution provides one with the same satisfaction that arises from a resolved musical cord.”

“Off the Hinges” should be on your list of art shows not to miss in 2011.


The Artist’s reception is Saturday, Februrary 12th 4:00 to 6:00PM

Utopia is located at 445 East First St., Long Beach, CA.

Contact: 562.432.6888


By Jim McKinniss






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