Doug Stockdale publishes experimental virtual photo book

Photo "John" copyright by Doug Stockdale

Photographers’ Exchange member Douglas Stockdale has published an experimental virtual  photo book that is powered by a dedicated blog. The photo book is called “Milan Fashion Week” and can be viewed at


The images on the website are  presented in a random vertical sequence which  is meant to simulate the way you might recall your life experiences.

I spoke with Doug about the idea behind the project. Here is some of what he had to say:

“Although the project has a named place, which is where all of the photographs were created, the photographs are mostly ambiguous as to a place or location. I am investigating self-identify, expectations, social messages about conformity and sexuality and indirectly about the existence of fashion, all laced with an undercurrent of social satire.”

Doug went on to say:

“The backbone of this presentation is a project dedicated blog that is sized to allow all of the photographs to be viewed sequentially on the same page. I had implemented the option of creating a separate blog post for each photograph to allow for more creative editing, captioning, and the ability to add text to establishing additional context if necessary. It also allows potential comments and interaction for each photograph.”

Currently there is no traditional printed book available for “Milan Fashion Week” although Doug is considering that possibility.


By Jim McKinniss


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