Woman of My Age – a self published book by Marian Seid Rubin


Photos copyright by Marian Seid Rubin


Photo copyright by Marian Seid Rubin
Photo copyright by Marian Seid Rubin

Do you want to create a cookbook, a journal, a wedding album, a photo book, or a compilation of random bits of trivia you’ve collected over the years? With the number of on-line companies that offer downloadable book creation software today the task has never been easier.

One woman who decided to take advantage of the advances in electronic publishing is Marian Rubin. Marian has just published a collection of her photographs of some of the women she knows or has met over the years. Her photos are combined with short but sensitive writings based on the notes she kept about these women.

When asked to comment about her book, Women of My Age, Marian says:

“As a social worker, I became interested in the issues of how women saw themselves; the goals they set for themselves, the hopes and dreams they had pursued or abandoned…. their self image and their self esteem.  Our self esteem is an image we create that comes from inside but is influenced by negative messages about women that come from the culture and relationships.”

“As a photographer, I created a series of images that I felt revealed something unique and personal about each woman and how they defined themselves. My hope is that my portraits give us some insight into each woman’s private reality. Some of these portraits are of women I have known; some were casual acquaintances. Some were women who agreed to participate in this project, while others were just encounters on the street.”

An on-line preview of Marian’s book can be viewed at http://www.blurb.com/books/1467906

Contact information can be found at www.marianrubin.com

By Jim McKinniss

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