Joe Orsillo juried into Palos Verdes Art Center’s 2010 All Media exhibition

Thistle copyright by Joe Orsillo
Tulip copyright by Joe Orsillo
California Poppy copyright by Joe Orsillo




Joe Orsillo is known for his exquisitely delicate monochromatic photos that reveal the beauties of texture and form found in both the living and the dying. Joe’s figure studies of the female body show delicate lines and form within a framework of  light and textures that create a sensuous visual experience for the observer. His floral studies bring the same sense of artistry to dipictions of dead or dying flowers.

I asked Joe to talk briefly about his work with flowers. Here is an excerpt from that conversation:

“I have been drawn to flowers since I began photography in earnest nearly 20 years ago, and despite brief visits to other subject matter including landscape and portraiture, their simple yet beguilingly complex beauty always holds my interest. While a perfect bloom has beauty and wonder, more often than not I find it far more interesting when it is left to die and then dry out completely. In this state the petals shrivel, the color becomes muted, and the overall shape of the flower changes. Without vibrant colors and perfect symmetry, the flower becomes a study in texture and random shapes.

 I often get accused of having a macabre sensibility, but what draws me to this subject is not the death of the flower but its seeming transformation. All of the  qualities that flowers are valued for; color, aroma, symmetry, are stripped away. What remains is purity of form, revealing shape and texture that can otherwise be missed.

 My work really has no agenda, but what I hope to convey to the viewer is a sense of wonder, and the realization that beauty comes in many unexpected forms.”

Web site and contact information:

The 2010 Juried All Media exhibition runs Augusts 6 – October 3, 2010

The Palos Verdes Art Center is located at:

Palos Verdes Art Center
5504 W. Crestridge Rd.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

(310) 541-2479

By Jim McKinniss

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  1. The web address you listed for Mr. Orsillo doesn’t reach him. I think he may have filters that prevent people from bothering him unless he wants them to. I realize that you spoke with him in regards to showing his photos at the Art Center. If you are still in touch with him, would you speak to him and give him my website? I would love to share some of his photos and want to ask for permission to do so. Thank you for your time, Sara MacFarland (My Favorite Things (Email

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