Photo Exchange Member Jim McKinniss to participate in the exhibition “In Motion”

Boarding the train photo copyright by Jim McKinniss


Erik on Bike photograph copyright by Jim McKinniss

Photo Exchange member Jim McKinniss has had four photographs selected for inclusion in the In Motion exhibition. 

The all media exhibition In Motion: The Human Body in Movement will open at Beach Cities Health District  in Redondo Beach, California on June 10. The show is scheduled to run through July 25, 2010  

Opening event and reception:  June 12, 6-8 pm 

Healthy living and art merge in a new exhibit opening on June 10 at Beach Cities Health District in Redondo Beach.

In Motion: The Human Body in Movement,  incorporates the work of 65 artists from  the South Bay and beyond, presenting their best works in all media, including photography, oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, clay, wood, metal, and jewelry – with the body in motion as the focus.  Surfing, dance, exercise, people working are featured in a diverse, eclectic collection of contemporary works.

This juried exhibit, curated by Nina Zak Laddon and Stefani Conniff, includes 109 artworks created by outstanding artists.  Laddon says,  “art takes care of the wellness of our souls and minds and creates a complete well person.”  Even poetry is incorporated into the concept, with works incorporating all kinds of movement.

Frolicking, vaulting, bouncing and prancing,

swaying, swirling , fluttering and dancing,

undulating, pulsating, rising and traversing,

swarming, sprawling, arching, and halting,

slumping, crouching, fizzling and vanishing


This exhibition is a collaboration between Friends of Redondo Beach Arts and Beach Cities Health District.   It will run from June 10 through July 25, 2010.   Susan Burden, CEO of the Beach Cities Health District says, “This exhibit connects the work of the health district in encouraging healthy living with exercise and good nutrition as a positive life style choice, and we love having our facility filled with artworks representing that theme.”

The event is free and open daily to the public. Beach Cities Health District  is located at 514 North Prospect Avenue, Redondo Beach, California.

The opening reception on Saturday, June 12, from 6-8 pm with an award ceremony, refreshments and entertainment, including participatory line dancing in BCHD’s Center for Fitness and Health.  It is free and open to the public.  

By Jim McKinniss

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