S.M. Shifflett premiers at Flazh!Alley Art Studio


Medusa with Bayonette copyright by S.M. Shifflett

San Francisco based artist, S.M. Shifflett, premiers her newest series of oil paintings for an exclusive Southern California exhibit at Flazh!Alley Art Studio.

In this new body of work Ms. Shifflett draws both upon her proven skill in dramatic classical portraiture and the ever flowing fountain of Greco-Roman divine images to capture the uneasy personal and political reality we live in. Does she depict the descent of a god into the emotional quagmire of the human condition, or does she trace the cloudy aspirations of erotic beings to achieve a divine perfection? Ms. Shifflett states that she did not want the paintings “to have the mortal life of mere portraits.” Thus, in Shifflett’s new work the iconography of the Greek and Roman world is renewed as emblems of modern social/erotic truth, quickening the timeless mythical stories with modern life. In so doing Ms. Shifflett places her art in a grand tradition of western painting. 

The only public receptions will be on San Pedro’s 1st Thursdays Art Walk Nights, June 3 & July 1, 2010 from 7-11 PM

ADULTS ONLY (18 and over) “Titans, Gorgons and Punished Gods” can also be seen by appointment. Please call, 310.833.3633 or flazhalley@aol.com

Flazh!Alley Art Studio is located at 1113 S. Pacific Ave., Suite B, San Pedro, CA. Park in the large city parking lot behind the Ramona Bakery at Pacific & 11th Street.

Enter Flazh!Alley from the alley, of course.

By Jim McKinniss

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