Message from Gallery Luisotti

Photo copyright by Christina Fernandez

Dear Friends,

We’re excited to announce the inclusion of Christina Fernandez in the MAK Center for Art and Architecture’s large-scale urban exhibition How Many Billboards? Art in Stead. The exhibition consists of 21 newly commissioned works by contemporary artists working in the vein of California’s conceptual art movement and presented on billboards throughout Los Angeles. Christina’s billboard, Coldwell Couch , features two square-format photographs from the Sereno series, which explores the idea of landscape as self-portrait. The billboard can be found on the south side of Hollywood Boulevard just west of Bronson Avenue. For more information on the project, including the concurrent overview exhibit at the Schindler House, and the participating artists, please visit the project site here <> . Information can also be found regarding lectures and panel discussions hosted by the MAK Center and a bus tour, held Saturday, February 27 and Saturday, March 6, here <> .

Theresa Luisotti

Gallery Luisotti
2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. A2
Santa Monica California 90404


By Jim McKinniss

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