Photo LA

Bruce Hall at Photo LA

I attended Photo LA on Thursday night. Fortunately, I can report that it is worth your entrance fee. This year showcases more new images, new photographers, and more experimental photography than last year. Established photographers and predictable images are front and center, as expected by the buying public and collectors. But look deeper and discover some gems and surprises.

Two of my favorite booths are The Blind Photographers Guild and Select Vernacular. The Blind Photographers Guild exhibits work from several visually impaired artists. The images they create inspire the rest of us to continue to look through the lens with fresh eyes. Select Vernacular is a treasure trove of images from 1840 up to the present time. Photographer, collector, and dealer Norman Kulkin travels the world to bring us the best vernacular images to choose from. I just love seeing snippets of life as it was before cars, phones, and computers.

Photo LA runs through Sunday, Jan 17 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

by Gina Genis

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