Two new exhibitions of nature photography at G2 Gallery

"Aspen Grove" photo copyright by Robert Turner




"Spanish Shawl" photo copyright by Nick Fash


G2 Gallery in Venice, CA is currently hosting two exhibitions which highlight the works of nature photographers Robert Turner and Nick Fash.


The Turner exhibition is called “Robert Turner: Rare Places in a Rare Light” .  Robert’s body of work to date is a stunning collection of photographs that, in his words, “will inform the soul and convey my deep belief in the fundamental value of wild places.”

From the Pacific Northwest to the Great Smoky Mountains and the canyon lands of the Colorado Plateau to the hardwood forests of Maine, this exhibition captures both the grandeur and intimacy of North America’s precious wild lands. His large, strongly composed prints communicate the moods of rare moments, both intimate and grand, captured across the continent in his pursuit of the light on the land.  Robert’s ever-watchful lens has isolated remarkable instants in time–at the edge of a storm, after a rain, in the afterglow of sunset–when light upon the land intensifies color to almost magical proportions.

The Turner exhibit closes on Sunday, November 8.

Nick Fash is featured in “Nature LA”, an ongoing series of nature and wildlife photography solo exhibitions by Los Angeles area photographers that will rotate monthly.  The exhibitions will provide an opportunity for up-and-coming nature and wildlife photographers from Los Angeles to showcase their work.  All proceeds from each show will benefit an LA based environmental charity.

Nature LA brings into focus the work of an individual photographer based in the Los Angeles area whose passion is shooting in nature.  Each participant’s unique perspective as urban environmentalist and as artist raises a specific concern brought to the fore by the verity of conservation photography.  With this new venture, the G2 Gallery hopes to tap into a growing segment of the population interested in change at a grassroots level.


Nature LA: Nick Fash will be on view October 20–November 20, 2009.  An artist’s reception will take place November 6 at 6pm, coinciding with Abbot Kinney First Friday.


The G2 Gallery (

1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291-3742

Tel. 310.452.2842, E-mail


By Jim McKinniss

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