Week of Life

I just became aware of new and interesting project;  documenting a Week of (Your) Life, an open call to photographers to docuement a week of their life and upload it along with many others from around the world. Details are available here: http://www.weekoflife.com/

Here is some general information about the project;

The basic building block of this Czech-American project is the period of one week in the life of an individual, who captures each day of the week with nine photographs taken throughout the day. The author of the project considers one week being the most characteristic time span for a person with regard to human diversity and behavior.

A week that has seven days, each of which has a different meaning, smell, sight, a different sense with varying intensity and energy, is the basic unit in life. Human activity, be it willed or unwilled, is organized around this span of time, which is why such a photo report can tell us so much about ourselves and others. st century.

Every participant who contributes with his or her week thereby becomes an original piece in a neverending mosaic of human originality and uniqueness and a co-author of the whole documentary project, a gigantic photographic library of humankind in the 21st century.

They have a link with some suggestions on how to you can complete this project, found here.

So if this is something that has captured your interests, check it out!

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

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