“Power of Art 2009” to be held October 16 – 18


The Redondo Beach Art Group is holding their 4th annual member art show on the weekend of October 16. The show is titled “The Power of Art 2009” and is the 4th annual show put on by the group.

Copyright by The Redondo Beach Art Group
Copyright by The Redondo Beach Art Group


The Power of Art has grown in attendence every year since its inception with over 5300 people attending the event last year. The show is part of the group’s effort to raise awareness of how art can play a positive role in a community by combining beauty with constructive social interactions of the community’s citizens.

The Power of Art 2009 is an all-media show featuring the art work of the members of  The Redondo Beach Group. In conjunction with POA 2009 is the “Seeing California” show featuring work inspired by the famous  photographer Edward Weston’s trip around California. Many of  the group’s photographic artists will be featured in “Seeing California”.

Each year the group converts a location into a temporary gallery to showcase the work of it’s members. Last year’s venue was the north power generating room of the AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach. This year the group has converted an abandoned restaurant into its art gallery. This year’s show features the work of 90 artists and 130 works of art in all media in two galleries, “Living Art” and “Seeing California”.

There will be a catered opening reception on October 16 from 7 – 10pm. The show continues Saturday, October 17 from 10am – 10pm and Sunday, October 18 from 10am – 8 pm.

This event is free to the public unless otherwise noted on the group’s website.

The venue for this year’s show will be the old Venezia restaurant between the Cheesecake Factory and the Blue Water Grill. It is located at 655 N. Harbor Dr., Redondo Beach, CA 90277

 For more information visit http://redondobeachartgroup.org/


By Jim McKinniss

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