Photo Exchange Members Show 2010


The Photographers’ Exchange

Members Show 2010

As many of you may already know, we have been accepted by the Irvine Fine Arts Center to exhibit the work of The Photographers’ Exchange members. The date for the exhibition will be February 19 thru April 3, 2010. March 2010 will mark the year of our 20th anniversary! A great tie in to the exhibition dates.


This exhibition is open to all current members of The Photographers’ Exchange. Please be sure your membership payment of $36 is current.


Rather than picking a unifying theme like water, we have decided to make the exhibition about our members Personal Projects. Try to select work for the exhibition that will best fit this idea. If you are hanging multiple pieces, be sure they fit together as a single project.


This is a preliminary sketch of how to plan the quantity and sizes for the exhibition.


Work that is larger than 24×36, including frame, you will most likely have space for only one piece.


For framed sizes from 24×36 down to 20×24, plan on hanging two pieces.


Framed sizes 16×20 and smaller plan on hanging  up to four pieces.


These are approximate sizes and quantities, as we get a feel for the number of members and the quantity and sizes of the images we may have room for adjustments.


Please reply to Larry Vogel by email as soon as you know if you plan to participate and the quantity and sizes of the work you plan to submit.


If you have any suggestions about this exhibition please send me your comments.    


Let’s make this a great exhibition!


Larry Vogel
my email is—

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