Emma Ferreira at Frank Pictures Gallery

Image  copyright by Emma Ferreira
Image copyright by Emma Ferreira
Image copyright by Emma Ferreira
Image copyright by Emma Ferreira




Frank Pictures Gallery is pleased to present the photographs of Emma Ferreira in her latest series provocatively titled, Exposed, which opens on September 13th at the Bergamot Station gallery. Born in Buckinghamshire, England, Ferreira’s photographic training in London nurtured her natural instincts to represent the human form as more than just a model seen through the lens of a camera. She aims to portray the meditative complexities and consciousness that lie beneath the individual’s external appearance. The results are sensually balanced, vibrantly colored photographs that exude a richness of texture and depth of creativity. Her photos and mixed-media works draw the viewer in and subtly convey messages of connection and harmony in the world.

Ferreira has already undertaken a journey to build a monumental body of work that will exhibit in cities around the globe to raise funds for various charitable foundations. Currently, the artist is attracting corporate sponsorship, which will allow her to strengthen the charitable donations that will be going to various foundations. Proceeds from an ongoing exhibit, When Life Dances II: Classic Beauty, will be given to Operation Smile, a worldwide children’s medical charity dedicated to healing facial deformities and to advocating sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Ferreira has shown internationally including Farmani Gallery, Heck Arts Studio, Tribeca Cinemas Gallery, Spin Gallery, and Gladstone Gallery. She has been involved in such events as the acclaimed Brit Week, Venice Art Walk, Caboom: Festival of Contemporary Design, and Project Angel Food.


Frank Pictures Gallery is located at Bergamot Station A-5

2525 Michigan Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90404



By Jim McKinniss

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