Dream Street at Palomar Community College

© 2009 Douglas McCulloh
© 2009 Douglas McCulloh

Ever wonder why your window stick? Well, if your home is fairly new, it is probably because of the way houses are built these days.

Douglas McCulloh’s “Dream Street” exhibit takes us through the transformation of a farming field with generations of history into a track home development. It all started when he won a silent auction to name a street.

The photos document piece work of laborers who have to work long hours in the hot sun because the amount of money they make is so nominal. Long gone are the days where every construction worker was well versed in all aspects of building a home. Today, a window man may make $1.00 per installed window. Consequently, they fly through their jobs at light speed so they can take home as much money as possible. Frame a little too small for the window? No problem, jam it in with a crowbar, pound on it, and move on. They might not even be aware that six months later, due to expansion and contraction with the weather, the window will shatter.

The human element is strong in this exhibit. McCulloh’s photographs intermingle personal stories of piece workers with the looming reality that our landscape is being forever altered by development. The change to our environment is as concrete as the poured foundations.

McCulloh has presented this exhibit very well. Frames match frames. By that I mean the photo frames appear similar in color to 2×6’s used to frame a house. The narrative text has architectural cut outs in it. When this exhibit was at the Riverside Museum a few months ago, the room was large enough to have actual housing frames incorporated. Palomar is smaller, so unfortunately, this part of the show did not travel. One new element at Palomar is an audio/visual of the location and sounds that were heard during construction. A bonus to the whole experience.

The Dream Street book can be found at: http://www.amazon.com/Dream-Street-Douglas-McCulloh/dp/1597141038

Palomar Community College, Boehm Art Gallery
(760) 744-1150 x2304
Gallery Hours: Tu 10-4, Wed 10-7, Fr & Sat 10-2

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