Mission Viejo Installs Drivable Art Exhibit

The following was posted on an arts information web site:

Mission Viejo’s drivable gallery will boast permanent exhibits and changeable art pieces featured in 16 art pilasters within the median islands.

Mission Viejo has installed the first changeable art exhibit along Crown Valley Parkway, as part of the final touches of the Crown Valley Parkway widening project. The “Parkway Gallery” is Orange County’s first art gallery the public can enjoy by car.

The drivable gallery will boast permanent exhibits and changeable art pieces featured in 16 art pilasters within the median islands. Motorists, this fall will also savor a sculpture created over a two-year period by Mission Viejo residents along with works inspired by modern medical technology at Mission Hospital.

Mission Hospital and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art teamed up to produce the first exhibit, “The Art of Imaging” which includes a first-of-its-kind exhibit exploring advanced medical imaging through the lens of contemporary artists that will be on display through November. Advanced medical images, such as 3- and 4-D ultrasound, mammography and x-rays serve as the basis for the creative pieces that were developed and sold as a fund-raiser for Mission Hospital. The hospital, which selected the creative pieces, generously gave the City the unique opportunity to share them with the public along Crown Valley Parkway.

Parkway Gallery includes impressive sculptures including “Spirit” by artist James Hill that was installed roughly two years ago by Mission Hospital at the corner of Medical Center and Crown Valley Parkway.

The City has long worked with the community to develop a second sculpture – “Mission Viejo’s Iconic Leaves.” The series of three large leaves were carefully created over the past two years by Mission Viejo families at several City special events under the direction of local artist Aileen May. The series includes an oak, sycamore and olive leaf, representing the iconic trees of Mission Viejo. The sculpture is expected to be installed this fall.

For detailed information about the images along Parkway Gallery and artists’ biographies, visit the City’s Web site cityofmissionviejo.org/arts.

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  1. This so called art is so disturbing, I no longer take this route to the freeway from my home in Mission Viejo because it scares my children. Whomever decided this was appropriate should be fired and ashamed. In the wake of our 20+ million dollar library, Quarterly full color ‘City Newsletter’, the Kaleidoscope eyesore/traffic nightmare, and extravagant School district offices, once again, our city has decided to waste a ton of money on frivolity and excess. Just because you CAN spend the money doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

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