Photo Exchange members accepted into Works of Man exhibition


Photograph by Ellen Butler
Photograph by Ellen Butler




Ellen Butler and Hal Myers, both members of  the Photographers Exchange, have had photographs accepted into the Works of Man exhibition.  The exhibition is scheduled to run June 26 – July 25, 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Photographer Chris Jordan is the juror.

For more information on Chris Jordan visit:

Here is an excerpt from that site:

Chris Jordan has spent his time making larger and larger photographic constructions to communicate the scale at which American society wastes its resources, its environmental future and its grasp on logic. In his effort to catalogue the linear and thoughtless waste of the US, he has progressed from crushed automobiles, to cell phone chargers, to polystyrene cups to American prisoners.

Chris Jordan’s juror’s statement: “This jurying process has reminded me how thankful I am to be a photographer. Today’s artists are making brilliant, intimidating work, both artistically and technically. Culling 1600 images down to 52 was painful, especially when it was narrowed down to about 70 A-listers and more needed to be cut. The open-ended theme allowed me to choose loosely around one of my favorite categories of photographs: portraits of our battered world, captured with a particular kind of grace and beauty. Not every photo here fits that concept exactly, but they all constellate around it in one way or another. The visual complexity represented in the selected images can serve as a doorway to mental and emotional complexity, which in my mind is something always to be encouraged. Beautifully rendered photographs of uncomfortable subjects help to remind us of the irony and complexity in our world that we might otherwise be tempted to reduce to simple notions of right and wrong, good and bad, us and them. They point to our complicity and responsibility for issues we might be tempted to dismiss as “not our problem.” These photographs bring forward our grief for what has been lost, and our hope and joy for what still exists to be cherished. And they help us remember to face the chaos of our times with discernment, humor and equanimity. The artists represented here deserve to have their work celebrated. I am honored to have served as juror, and I am humbled by the evolved worldviews that these images represent. Congratulations to you all.”

Artists’ and Public Reception:
Friday, July 3, 2009, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

The Center for Fine Art Photography
400 North College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO   80524


By Jim McKinniss

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