Gallery 478: American Triptychs

Photo by Ann Mitchell
Photo by Ann Mitchell


Ray Carofano’s Gallery 478 in San Pedro, CA will be hosting an artist’s reception for photographer Ann Mitchell on Thursday, June 4 from 6-9 pm.

American Triptych feels like the road less-traveled. Formatted as triptychs,each work documents a stop along the byways of Southern and Central California with panoramic expansiveness. Mating three frames without matching creates a near-cinematic sequencing and yields unanticipated rewards: sci-fi, abandoned and absurdist dinosaurs in Cabazon, Monet-like water lilies in Echo Park, stark geometries of the California Aqueduct, and a spare Hopperesque streetscape in McFarland.

Devoid of human presence, seemingly frozen in time, these contemplative images echo silence – one can almost hear the sound of the shutter.

According to Miller:  “American Triptych started in 2005 as a previous project (Val Verde) was ending. I would drive to Montecito on the 126 highway, which connects the 5 fwy with the 101 fwy. This route cuts through the farmlands of Santa Paula and Piru and until the recent urban sprawl you could imagine you were in the California of the 1960’s – all orange trees and sleepy towns. Piru is where the project started, but Cabazon, Indio and the wind farms of the east 10 fwy soon joined it. The imagery is about a uniquely American vernacular, our visual history and language. In each town I’ve tried to create one image, which captures what I feel that town is about – or maybe, what it used to be about. ”

American Triptych runs through August 28. For additional information please call 310-732-2150. Gallery hours are weekdays 11 AM – 5 PM and by appointment.

Gallery 478 is located at 478 West 7th Street. San Pedro, CA 90731

The Artist’s Reception will be part of San Pedro’s 1st Thursday Art Walk, June 4th from 6-9pm.

By Jim McKinniss

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