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Slide Show copyright 2009 Sports Illustrated

For those who are interested in sports photography, sports trivia or photographs published in the magazine Sports Illustrated (aka SI), you will probably find this book to be a delightful and entertaining book. How ever, be warned this is NOT a how-to book on photographing sports events, although by carefully examining the photographs that illustrate this book, there is still much than can be learned.

When I was asked to review this book for Sports Illustrated, I immediately thought of my own past experiences with slides (transparencies, chromes, etc), which I have written about here. And interestingly enough, how I had marked up my slide’s mount with my own connotations. I also saw this as an opportunity to review the works of those photographers whom we have come to associate with this magazine; Neil Leifeer, Walter Iooss and Mark Kauffmann.

This book is an interesting back room look at what happens to an image after it is made, and how it can wonder around and reinsert itself when neccessary. Although the photographs are from the non-digital era, perhaps specificly the Kodachrome era (or the Ektachrome or Fujichrome era’s), there is still much to be learned about being there. And because these are the slides from the pre-digital era of the previous 50 years (SI launched in August 1954), it is also a nestaligic sports ride.

A part of what I found interesting was how these sports images were cropped to provide the cover stories, without the content being “altered”. For those familiar with cropping, you can change the resulting content of a photograph and the emphasis by what you leave in the photograph, as well as by what you delete out. The book provides the original photographic transparency (or “slide” for those of you who have grown up digital) in its paperboard mount and adjacent to the photograph, the printed page from SI of the edited image.

The captions and accompaning articles are not about how the photographs came to be, but of the stories that are being illustrated with the photographs. And there are many iconic sports photographs that came about from the subseqent publication in SI, probably the premier sports magazine.

The 12 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ hardcover book with dust cover, 176 pages, was conceived and designed by then creative director, now special contributor Steven Hoffman and researched and written by associate editor Bill Syken. The book was printed in China.





By Doug Stockdale

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