Janos Lanyi juried into Coastal Arts League exhibit


Sources of Energy photography copyright of Janos Lanyi

Janos Lanyi’s photograph, Sources of Energy, was recently juried into the Coastal Art League’s  Michael H. Kellicutt International photo exhibit, whose theme was Through a Lens: Contrasting Elements.  This exhibition was juried by Charles Cramer, Janet Jones and Michael Collopy.  The exhibition will be available from April 10 to May 4th, with the artist reception on April 15th, from 5pm to 8pm.

The Coastal Art League’s Museum and Gallery is located in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Lanyi’s artist statment about this photograph:

Near Jaisalmer, the ancient fortress city in the Thar desert, there is a group of strange and beautiful structures of obvious religious significance. They are cenotaphs, where the dead are cremated in the traditional Hindu manner. In stark visual contrast, there are windmills, four hundred of them, far more than what is needed to supply Jaisalmer with the electricity it needs. The image is a perfect symbol of the two diverse and conflicting forces that drive India. On the day I made this photograph, at least, few if any of the windmills were turning, but the cenotaphs seemed very much alive and dominated the scene.

The challenge was how to capture the dark glow of the sandstone in the sunset without losing the spectacular sky and the details of the windmills. Without a tripod, I made numerous pairs of over and under exposures, and digitally merged the one pair in which the images matched exactly.

By Doug Stockdale

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