Gina Genis at Cypress College


The Night Life of Seniors – The Pack Rat photograph copyright of Gina Genis

Gina Genis has two solo exhibitions in progress at Cypress College’s Photographic Gallery, one series is titled Night Lives of Seniors, the other is Kala-Man’s Place in Time and Nature.

The Gallery is located at Cypress College, in the technical building, photography department, from March 9-April 18th.  The address is 9200 Valley View Street in Cypress.  The artist reception was March 12, at 7-9 p.m., and Gina had provided an artist’s talk. The gallery hours are M-Th 8am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-2pm.

Update:  Gina Genis Artist’s Statement:

The common bond between all of my work is the passage of Time.  No matter what subject matter I choose, Time’s long shadow is ever present.


The series “Night Lives of Seniors” was born when I had to move into my mother’s house in a retirement community to provide care as her dementia progressed. To get some peace of mind, I began taking walks at night.


Open windows displayed lives in cubicles of warped time. I became a fascinated voyeur of how these senior citizens spend their evenings. In many cases, you can actually see where time has stopped. Their homes are decorated in the style of the 1960’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Their TV’s are tuned in to game shows. Some still have rotary dial phones.


The most glaring factor was that they are so alone. In a large community of duplexes, three story apartments, and shared-wall condos, only once did I see more than one person living in a home.  Questions arise. How will I end up? What can I do now to make someone else’s life more pleasant? How will I be remembered, if I am remembered at all?


In the series “Kala – Man’s Place In Time And Nature”, an anonymous man contemplates the encroachment of the city on the last fragments of wilderness.


On one level the series is an exploration of technical challenges. Combining ambient and artificial lighting, a live model at the mercy of the elements through the seasons, wild animals, and long exposures with low ISOs that maintain image clarity. Long seconds and a few flashlights on a series of nights portray man as dwarfed by the turning of the seasons and the slowly moving hour hand of time.


On a second level the series is a statement of concern. The serenity of the images belies the imbalance of our situation within nature. We have turned our backs on the environment in our comfortable trespass on this planet. Wilderness is consumed and the stars submit to street lamps that spread into the horizon. The questions here are of control and responsibility.


Do we control nature, or does nature control us? We have built cities that can last thousands of years, but nature has the weapons of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, or volcano blasts to claim her land back instantly. What is our responsibility in keeping a respectable balance between human needs and the needs of the animals and the land we share?






Kala – Man’s Place and Time in Nature

by Doug Stockdale

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